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In Home Assisted Living in Salem, OR

Learn how Comfort Keepers bring the amenities of assisted living facilities into your private residence.

When most families begin to observe that their senior loved one is unable to provide care for themselves, they automatically conclude that their loved one must be placed into an assisted living facility. This decision is often daunting on the senior being affected because in most cases, your loved one has lived in their house for many years, and is not interested in being relocated.

Fortunately for families, Comfort Keepers provides around the clock care services that are able to provide the exact same benefits of assisted living facilities minus the stress of being forced to move your loved one from the comfort of their home.

Our care services provide a high level of safety that will improve your loved ones overall quality of life while providing your family with the peace of mind knowing that a well-vetted senior care professional is always available to assist. We provide numerous personal care services such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and more. Additionally, we are able to assist with seniors who may have limited mobility, those who require assistance with housekeeping and other home-related chores. Our level of care can range from part-time, a couple of times a week, to full-time, 24-hour care. 

Seniors also benefit from having a caregiver, as their companion, friend, and confident. Our caregivers provide our unique brand of home care, known as Interactive Caregiving, which works directly with seniors to keep them not only engaged in their day-to-day care activities, but also engaging them in conversation, games, activities, exercise, and more. Seniors who are still engaged with their community and friends may also use their caregiver to provide transportation to events, appointments, and more.

Our in home assisted living plans are fully customizable and unique, to meet the needs of your loved one along with your family. Comfort Keepers of Salem, OR provides a true alternative to senior assisted living facilities that will keep both your family and loved one satisfied. If you would like to learn more about our senior care service offerings and schedule a free in home consultation, please contact our office today.

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